jueves, 9 de junio de 2016


Hello today we are going to explain my friend Iuma and me a few favorites songs.
We like pop music and elecrtronic music.
Our favorites singers are:
Ariana Grande,Fifth Harmony,Jacob Sartorius,Skrillex,Meghan Trainor

 and Riahna.
Our favorite group is:
Fifth Harmon.
In the electronic music don't use instruments they make the songs with computers.
And in the pop music the instruments are: guitar, drums...(etc)
Our favorite songs are:

Meghan Trainor NO, Jacob Sartorius SWEATSHRIT,Rihana WORK,Ariana Grande DANGEROUS WOMAN,Skrillex BANGARANG,Fifth Harmony DON'T LET ME DOWN ,THE CHAINSMOKERS and more...
Here are some concerts and songs of singers...
This is a song ''Bangarang'' by Skrillex...

This is a song Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande...

This is the song ''Don't let me down'' by Chainsmokers:

This is a song ''Swearshirt'' by Jacob Sartorius...


martes, 7 de junio de 2016

I would like to visit:
-China:   Because the persons are great.
               Because the monuments are beautiful.
               And because the country is big.

-New Zeland:  Because there are many beaches
                       Because there are many landscapes.
                       And because the city Oakland buildings are very large.

France:          Because i want to see the Tower Eiffle.
                       Because the city of Paris is very beautiful at night.
                      And because many visitors come in France.

   Because i like to see my aunt's family.
     Because i like the Argentine language.
    And because the cities are very nice.


     Because the statue of Liberty is very nice.
     Because Golde Gafe , the bridge is the almost the longest in the world
     And because pepole are very friendly.